The Loan Process Explained

Getting a loan may seem like a difficult process filled with pitfalls and landmines.
SPC Finance are experienced in the finance industry  who can quickly and easily guide you through the finance war zone to make sure you get a great deal.


Equipment Finance Process :

1. Discuss your needs – What are you buying? loan term & structure, borrowing entity established – Individual, Company, Trust.
2. Application Forms are completed.
3. We look around to see which lender best suits your needs & Submit the application for approval.
4. Approval provided by lender and Invoice is then ordered from the supplier.
5. Once the invoice is provided we prepare documentation & arrange to meet with you to sign them.
6. Settlement is arranged & dealer is paid directly into their  bank account.
7. You pick up your new car/truck/ trailer/ Earthmoving gear.

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