Our Shout!



Refer a friend and you could earn up to $200 in Coles Myers gift vouchers, redeemable for loads of different stuff from a host of leading retail stores!

It is simple and rewarding, here is how the big shout works.

1. Refer a friend, family member or colleague to SPC Finance.

2. SPC arrange the application, approval & documentation.

3.The transaction successfully settles and the goods are delivered to another satisfied customer.

4. You are now instantly eligible for a gift voucher! Keep your eyes on your mail box.

The reward to you is scalable, based on the amount your friend requires.

$75,000+ gets you a $200 Gift Voucher
$30,000 – $74,999 gets you a $150 Gift Voucher
$15,000 – $29,999 gets you a $100 Gift Voucher

Minimum amount to be financed is $15,000

So it’s real easy eh? Go on, share SPC’s great service and finance deals with your mates and we will shout you for your efforts.

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