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For over 20 years, the SPC Finance Group has put hundreds of motorists into new vehicles, through smart value finance packages. You do not have to lock into the Car Dealer’s terms! We will scour the available financial suppliers for the best deal so you can organise a great financial solution before you buy.

Buying a new vehicle for business? No Problem!

We have a range of loan facility options for business owners seeking a new vehicle. These include Chattel Mortgage, Offer to Hire & Lease or Novated Lease & Secured Loan facilities for personal or private use vehicles.

We ensure the finance package you use, is personally tailored and competitive to best suit your needs and budget.

So you negotiate the best deal on a new car and get your finance pre-sorted . . .
Isn’t it time you had a  talk to SPC Finance Group?

Frequently Asked Questions about Vehicle Finance:


Do I have to buy a New Car to obtain finance, or can i buy used?

You can buy either new, used or demo model cars. The financiers have policy’s for older cars whereby the loan needs to be completed by the time the car is 15 years old. This is not a problem for new cars, but if for example you purchased a 12 year old car, the maximum term you could finance it over would be 3 years.

What is the maximum term allowable for car finance?
A typical car loan term for a new car would be 5 years, however in some cases the financiers will go as long as 7 years. If you are considering a 7 year term, you must be sure you are going to keep the car long term as the car will depreciate much faster than the loan balance drops and unless you had a large up front deposit, you will have a short fall on the payout for most of the term of the loan. Terms for used cars were cover in the previous question.
Do I have to buy my car from the dealer or can i purchase privately?
You can buy your car either from a dealer or privately. A private sale often takes a bit longer or the transaction to settle as we have to take extra steps to ensure the car is free of encumbrance, establish the owners Bone Fides and perform and inspection to ensure the Identification Numbers match the Registration papers. The car dealers all guarantee title flow and so these transactions can happen more smoothly.
How much can i borrow and do I need a deposit?

Your borrowing capacity depends on your income and monthly outgoings. It is best to contact SPC Finance who can quickly determine your borrowing potential. It is not compulsory to have a deposit to purchase a vehicle, however the finance company may insist you put something towards the purchase if your credit profile it not particularly strong or you have no previous credit history.

What does the loan application process look like?
We have a simple 6 step process:
1. Take down your details on one of our Loan Applications.
2. We look around at our lenders to determine which loan suits your needs best.
3. Application is submitted to the lender.
4. Once the loan is approved we will arrange an invoice from the dealer or speak to the private seller to arrange relevant documentation.
5. We prepare your loan documents and meet with you to execute them.
6. Documents are submitted to lender for settlement the funds are transferred to the suppliers bank account electronically.

You are now free to arrange for delivery of your new car!

How long does the loan process take?
If you are buying the car from a dealership, the whole process can be done within 3 days. It may take an additional day for private sales.

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